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Undergoing an Audit? Leave It To Our Professionals

If you are faced with an audit, turn to our team at Wendell Causey, CPA, PC. Whether you need us to conduct a full financial review as part of a new accounting strategy or you want to ensure your business in Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond is running smoothly, we can help.

Auditing Services

There are countless reasons why you or your company may be audited. No matter the reason, we can help. From preparing presentations for company owners to compiling financial statements for your bank, our auditing services comply with the professional standards set forth by the AICPA. Our independent auditing services are for clients who manage businesses, including corporations and partnerships. During the audit, we will come in and perform research that will allow us to determine whether your financial statements accurately show the operations of the business. With our large-firm auditing experience and extensive background in the financial industry, we make our experience work for you during this process.

Review and Compilation Services

If you do not need a full audit, but would like a financial picture of your business, we provide review services. A review is slightly less comprehensive than a full audit. Our compilation services include presenting your financial statements in an easy-to-read format. Generally, businesses, corporations, and S corporations take advantage of these services.

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