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Protect Your Company With Our Forensic Accounting Services

Wendell Causey, CPA, PC provides a variety of financial consulting services. From business planning strategizing to forensic accounting services, we do it all. If you own a company in Atlanta, Georgia, or beyond and you want to ensure you're on track before tax season, turn to our team of expert financial professionals.

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Business Planning and Consulting

Many of our consulting clients are small businesses that make less than $50 million in annual revenue. Until these companies grow and reach critical mass, they do not need a full-time controller or chief financial officer. They do require hands-on accounting help. At some point, your company may develop the need for a professional on staff to handle work internally. When you need external auditors or tax professionals, depend on us. For your business to function properly, you need an experienced accountant to keep accurate books on revenues and expenses. With our services, we focus on the accounting while you focus on product development and boosting revenues. Our services include:

  • Business Planning and Entity Selection Consulting
  • Accounting Software and Systems Consulting
  • Special Procedures
  • Buy/Sell Analysis

General and Forensic Accounting

To ensure your business remains successful, it is critical that you utilize the most professional accounting standards possible in your daily operations. Our services include:

  • Monthly Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Payroll and Reporting
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Forensic Accounting